“I LOVE what you are doing! Your cause speaks to me…”
Mrs. Obama encouraged and complimented the Global Fund for Widows in New York City.

Michelle Obama

First Lady of the United States of America

“It is true that we are not addressing the issue of widowhood and I agree we have to change that. I think it is time that we address the issue of widowhood and I pledge my support and I assign my deputy Dr. Amina Mohamed to lead the UN initiative on widowhood.”

Antonio Guterres

United Nations Secretary General

“You are doing much needed work”

She complimented the Global Fund for Widows at a UNWomen event.

Leymah Gbowee

Nobel Peace Laureate

“I understand now this problem, and I will address it”

She admitted to Heather Ibrahim-Leathers at the 1stInternational Widows’ Day
Conference at the United Nations.



Michelle Bachelet

Executive Director of UNWomen and former President of Chile

“Inheritance law is a big issue but…we have changed the penalties thanks to the Egyptian Parliament, and to the political will, and we are criminalizing any maneuvering [disinheritance] in the cases of inheritance and it will not be forgotten by the law even after 30 years.” 

The Honorable Dr. Maya Morsy

President of Egypt’s National Council of Women

“Widows continue to face serious challenges such as food insecurity due to lack of fund, lack of good shelter, difficulty to find school necessities for children, difficulty for accessing working capital for small scale businesses, and victimization by harmful traditional practices.”

The Honorable Minister Dr. Jean Kalilani

Malawi’s Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare

“We must keep up the momentum of the awareness to the problem of widowhood”


Cheri Blair

President of the Loomba Foundation and of the Cheri Blair Foundation is the consummate activist for widows

“I’m not sure how many of the children we touch come from widowed women, but it is a very important question.”

Ms. Ajmera reflected at the Womensphere Global Summit in 2010.

Maya Ajmera

Founder of Global Fund for Children

“Congratulations on all that you do for so many!”




Suzy Welch

Best-selling Author 10-10-10, wife of Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

“Micro-Social Capital is an important philanthropic social innovation, this is a great idea!”

Zainab Salbi

Founder of Women for Women International, Author

“This issue needs to be addressed.”



Musimbi Kanyoro

Global Fund for Women

“Widowhood is THE ISSUE of the 21stCentury.”


Victoria Stanley

World Bank – Senior Rural Development and Land Specialist