Widows’ Savings and Loan Association

An innovation in Financial Inclusion

United Nations

Global Fund for Widows welcomes

the Honorable Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon at it’s

“Widowhood: What Happens to Me After They Take Everything”

Parallel Event at the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women.


Global Fund for Widows is excited to launch

11 banks and a goat cooperative for 275 Maasai widows in Tanzania!


Global Fund for Widows’ Sana Project is a proud recipient of the

Women’s Federation for World Peace International Award – 2019!

Whole Planet Foundation

Honored to partner with Whole Planet Foundation in Egypt

to expland our Amal Project! With WPF’s grant,

Global Fund for Widows has empowered an additional

2000 widows in 2018, reaching a milestone

10,000 widows since our program began,

The Amal Project

The Global Fund for Widows economically

empowers 10,000 through it’s Amal project.


See how the Global Fund for Widows changed

Wadiaa’s life and other widows like her.

Her story in her own words…


Global Fund for Widows is recieved by United Nations

Secretary General Antonio Guterres and PLEDGES his support to

WIDOWS and the issue of WIDOWHOOD

Global Fund for Widows

Global Fund for Widows launches 10 WISALA banks called Brookbank in Kenya

Why Widows


“In the developing world, widows suffer 3 main violations of their rights:



    • Prevented from inheriting her rightful assets, including things she herself brought into marriage or contributed during married years
    • May become part of estate and inherited herself


    • Prevented from accessing rights
    • Prevented government entitlements
    • No access to justice
    • Social stigma, shame, & taboo 

Harmful Traditional Practices

    • Subjected to cleansing rites including cutting, and scarring
    • Subjected to intense sexual violence


Without skills, support, or opportunity, widows often succumb to the viscous cycle of poverty. Some are forced into servitude or beggary, and those with children are forced to surrender them to an orphanage, to traffickers, to child marriage, or to the streets. 


Where We Help

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We are Building Banks!  

“We are building small village banks called Widows’ Savings and Loan Associations – WISALAs – all over the world! We designed the the WISALA specifically for widows as not only beneficiaries of their banks, but as OWNERS of their banks. The widows’ self-determination is a central tenant. The widows themselves elect their leadership, determine the by-laws of their WISALA, and even underwrite their own loans.  With income earned not only from the businesses launched by the WISALA proceeds, but interest and income generated by their bank, widows are able to earn a sustainable livelihood, break the cycle of poverty, send their children to school, and find their voice in society!”