Why Widows?

In the developing world, widows:

• Suffer loss of household income and assets
• Lack favorable inheritance rights
• Lack social/governmental support system
• Suffer violations of human rights
• Suffer from violence and harmful traditional practices

Without skills, support, or opportunity, widows often succumb to the viscous cycle of poverty. Some are forced into servitude or beggary, and those with children are forced to surrender them to an orphanage, to traffickers, to child marriage, or to the streets. 

Where We Help


How We Help

The Global Fund for Widows assists its widows by creating employment opportunities where no other opportunity exists. The Global Fund for Widows seeks to align a widow’s skills, abilities, interests and financial needs, with employment options created by the program or through partnerships with other organizations and employers. With financial stability, widows are inspired to become self-reliant and self-accountable. And, in this way, they are able to extricate themselves from poverty.