Our Programs

Social Innovation

The Global Fund for Widows is proud to be an innovator in philanthropy with the creation of  “Micro-Social Capital”.  Micro-Social Capital is a program that economically empowers widows through the granting of small equity investments that enable a widow to launch a micro-enterprise.  In turn, the widow enters into a social contract with GFW, promising to extend the virtuous cycle by investing in other widows from the proceeds of her own profits.


Basic Needs

Global Fund For Widows provides funding to widows for urgent basic needs such as the procurement of essential medical assistance, medications, housing, and utilities such as gas, water, and lighting.


Educational Advancement Program

Global Fund For Widows invests in educating widows through basic literacy and math programs, or by providing the resources and encouragement needed to enroll them in public school programs. Global Fund For Widows also provides assistance in the education of widows’ children, thereby creating improved employment opportunities longer term.

Employment Program

Global Fund For Widows empowers widows to break the cycle of dependence by offering them access to the training, skills, and resources vital to facilitate their entry into the workforce. In addition, Global Fund For Widows offer access to employment services to help the widows find jobs and remain employed. Through partnerships, Global Fund For Widows is able to further these womens’ efforts by offering them Micro-Social Capital to help them expand their businesses.