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Join the Alliance for the Last Woman First:

The Alliance for the Last Woman First is the ONLY Global Alliance working to secure WIDOWS’ rights. The Alliance consists of 100 organizations from over 20 countries around the world, representing a minimum of 6.3 million widows. The Alliance collaborates in advocacy initiatives at the United Nations uniting the aspiration of widows into one powerful and indominable voice.

As part of the Alliance, members share best practices in everything from advocacy initiatives, to strategy and capacity building, to economic empowerment programming. Members will also receive the Alliance Toolkit – which includes modules developed to build capacity and maximize impact in the field.

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Global Fund for Widows

The Global Fund for Widows is only able to fund registered organizations. If you are a widow seeking support, please refer to our global partners in the Alliance for the Last Woman first for an organization near you or contact us.

Are you a registered organization?

If you are seeking funding

The Global Fund for Widows offers a Call for Proposals to members of the Alliance for the Last Woman First. Only proposals for economic empowerment programs for widows will be eligible for consideration. The Call for Proposals will be available annually from January 1 through January 30. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: Submission of a Proposal to GFW does not guarantee funding.