Global Reach


In 2012, the Future Eve Foundation launched the Amal (meaning ‘hope’ in Arabic) Project in three villages in rural Minya, Egypt. Amal started as a humble effort to economically empower widows and female breadwinners through vocational and financial literacy training, as well as micro-finance and innovative micro-social savings and lending groups.

Amal equips widows with the resources and support needed to establish microenterprises, and in turn to sustain themselves and their families. More importantly, the Amal Project is premised on an oath that every widow takes to support other widows on their journey to self-relieance once she is able to stand on her own feet.


In 2011, the GFW launched its Micro-Social Capital initiative – an innovation in the field of philanthropy created and coined by the GFW. With a NGO partner in Bolivia,  the Micro-Social Capital program provides widows with a micro-capital investment to launch a micro-enterprise. The widow in return enters into a social contract with the GFW, promising to use profits from her enterprise to extend the virtuous cycle and money multiplier effect by hiring another widow as she expands her own activities.

Ultimately, empowered and profitable widows will make contributions with their profits to a social endowment fund, intended to support elderly widows in the community, provide funding for emergency or critical surgery, or help with education expenses of their children. The GFW is very proud of the success its widows in Bolivia are enjoying under the new program.

Dominican Republic

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, orphans created by the quake were sent to orphanages in the Dominican Republic. Orphanages in the Dominican Republic consequently doubled in size, with no increase to their operating budgets from the government. The GFW instituted a partnership with the orphanages, providing critical funding to allow them to hire WIDOWS to become caregivers, nurses, teachers, and cooks to the orphans. The program, welcomed by the orphans, the orphanage, and the Dominican community, is ongoing with great success.